The Mines of Montevecchio

Giovanni Antonio Sanna (1819-75), established the Societáper la Coltivazione della Miniera di Piombe Argentifo della Montevecchio to exploit the lead and other ores of the Montevecchio area in southern Sardinia in 1848. The mines employed more than a thousand people by 1865, reached a peak of production during the First World War, and ceased working in 1991. Eight historic sites near the town of Gennas Sarapis or Montevecchio now form part of a Geominerario Park, 12 km in length, the first of its kind to be recognised by UNESCO. Amongst the preserved buildings are workers’ houses, the luxurious homes of the managers, the Carabinieri barracks, a hospital, a school, a post office, the company laboratory, the geological survey office and a cinema.

The Mines of Montevecchio
Miniera di Montevecchio
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