Technical Museum in Brno

Brno grew from the late 18th century to be one of the principal industrial cities in Europe. The manufacture of woollen cloth was introduced by a state-sponsored company in 1764. The German Wilhelm Mundy set up a textile enterprise in 1774, and was followed by the Offermann-Thomann company who introduced mechanised spinning and carding in the 1790s, possibly by smuggling machines from England. From 1816 their factory was powered by a London-built steam engine. The textile industry stimulated the development of engineering, and companies in Brno came to manufacture steam engines, turbines, motorcars, armaments and telegraphic equipment. The technical Museum has displays relating to both textiles and mechanical engineering and a separate department relating to public transport, has large collection of trams and trolleybuses.

Technical Museum in Brno
Purkyñova 105
612 000 Brno
Czech Republic
+42 (0) 41 - 421411

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