Schoggi-Land is the visitor centre at the ultra-modern Maestrani factory at Flawil, 16 km west of St Gallen. The company’s origins go back to the early 19th century when Guiseppe Maestrani, from Aquila in the Ticino, who had learned about chocolate-making in Lombardy, sold chocolate on the streets of Lugano in the 1820s. His son, (Ludovic) Aquilino Maestrani visited other countries to learn about the trade, began manufacturing chocolate himself in 1846, and established a business in Lucerne in 1852. He re-located to St Gallen in 1859, and before he died in 1880 passed the business to his sons, Ludovico, Roberto and Savino. In 1875 they built a factory at Espenmoos, a suburb of St Gallen, and expanded further in 1885 with the acquisition of a former spinning mill at St Gallen-St Georgen. The company remained there until 1998 when the Munz chocolate works in Flawil was taken over.


From 1999 the whole of the merged company was transferred to new buildings at Flawil, which incorporated Schoggi-Land, which opened in 2005. Visitors are able to watch production in progress from an 80 m long viewing gallery, along which are terminals which explain and provide close-up views of the processes. Hour-long guided tours of the factory are also available, and there is a well-stocked company shop.

Toggenburgerstrasse 41
9230 Flawil
+41 (0) 71 - 2283811

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