Salt Museum

The island of Lesvos (Lesbos) in the north-east Aegean has been notable for soap-making and for olive oil processing, but the most important initiative in industrial heritage to spring from the island has been the ALAS (All about Salt) project initiated from 1997 by the University of the Aegean with the support of the Lesvos prefecture. ALAS, which concluded in 2002 was an interregional project involving four European sites (the others were Figueira de Foz, Piran and Pomorie) that produce salt from the sea. The results of the project on Lesvos included the restoration of a building to house the first Greek salt museum at Polichnitos, collaboration between conservationists and the two remaining salt-producing companies on the island, and the collection of salt-working tools from all over the Aegean and of pictorial records of the industry from all over Europe.

Salt Museum
Aenal Kountourioti 1
8110 Mytilene
+30 (0) 251 - 044956

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