Richskay Railway Museum

The Rizhsky railway terminus, one of nine major stations in Moscow, was opened in 1901 and served the main line to Riga, capital of Latvia, then part of the Russian Empire. The museum at the station opened in 2004. It includes a very large working model railway but it is principally important for its collection of locomotives. The 12 steam engines include an 0-8-0 of 1903, an FD 21 class 4-8-0 of 1941, a P class oilburning 2-10-0 of 1947 and a 9P class 0-10-0 shunter of 1958. There are also electric and diesel locomotives, including an electric built by Skoda in the former Czechoslovakia in 1961. There is a marked contrast between a sparsely furnished passenger carrying wagon, of a kind used on many Russian railways, and a luxry carriage built for the use of officials of the Communist Party in 1932. There are also snow ploughs and track maintenance machines, and an example of one of the German vehicles, a tank wagon of 1936 made in Aachen, that were commandeered by the Russian authorities after the Second World War.

Richskay Railway Museum
Rizhskaya Square

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