Railway Museum at Warsaw

Poland’s principal railway museum is located in the former Glówna terminus, which is no longer used by the state railway company (PKP). Its collection has all been amassed since 1945 since historic railway rolling stock that had been preserved in Poland was all destroyed during the Second World War. The museum’s future in the terminus has been threatened but a new administrative structure which should allow it to stay there is being negotiated in 2015.

The collections includes 23 steam, three electric and four diesel locomotives. Many are stored in the open and are in various states of preservation, but some can be operated. The collections includes two of the iconic locomotive types of the Second World War, a German class 52 Krieglok 2-10-0, many of which were retained in Poland after 1945, and an S160 class 2-8-0, built in the United States for service in Europe, of which the Polish railways had 575 examples, many of which were modified for particular purposes. Other interesting examples are a 2-6-0T tank engine built by Borsig in 1904, the oldest locomotive in the collection, a German class 03 4-6-2 built in the 1930s of which 33 worked in Poland after 1945, and an elegant PKP class Pt31 2-8-2 one of a class built in 1948-51. There is also one of the few armoured trains surviving in Europe. The museum includes a room where enthusiasts can play board games relating to railways. Exhibitions are regularly organised commemorating the openings of particular Polish railways.  There is a well-stocked library and the Museum often hosts conferences of professional railwaymen.

Railway Museum at Warsaw
Muzeum Kolejnictwa w Warsawies
Towarowa 1
09-958 Warsaw
+48 (0) 22 - 6200480

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