Public Museum of the Moscow Metro

The Moscow Metro is one of the Europe’s most spectacular urban underground railway systems. Its museum at the Sportivnaya station opened in 1967. The station, designed by Nadezhda Bykova, I Gokhar-Kharmandaryan, Ivan Taronov and B Cherepanov, opened in 1957, and is notable for its marble pillars, its mosaics and its ceiling of embossed asbestos cement tiles. The network currently consists of 12 lines with 196 stations, but is expanding and will have 78 more stations by 2020. Forty six of the current stations are recognised as having exceptional cultural merit, and the museum draws attention to their architectural features which include large-scale use of stainless steel, bronze statues, stained glass and mosaics. The museum includes reconstructions of a control desk, a ticket barrier with oak turnstiles, and a driver’s cab. A real Metro carriage is also displayed. The various sections use films, photographs and artefacts to show the nature of work on the Metro, the role of the system in the Second World War (called the Great Patriotic War in Russia), and underground railway systems  in other cities in Russia and beyond. Tours of the principal stations of interest in the Metro are also available.

Public Museum of the Moscow Metro
Khamovnichesky val 36
119048 Moscow
+7 (0) 495 - 6227309

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