‘PASS’ Science Adventure Park

A former colliery complex at Frameries, 8 km south-west of Mons, has been adapted as a 28 ha science adventure park, most of the buildings having been designed or renovated by the architect Jean Nouvel. Amongst the surviving features of the colliery are the steel-framed headstock, which offers views over the surrounding mining landscape from a height of 60 m, the adjacent machine hall, a conveyor through which visitors can follow the journey taken by coal after it reached the top of the shaft, and waste tips, which also provide belvederes from which it is possible to survey the nearby villages and countryside. Permanent and temporary exhibitions on scientific and artistic themes are located in ultra-modern buildings, and special events are held on the site throughout the year.

‘PASS’ Science Adventure Park
Rue de Mons 3
7080 Mons-Framerie
+32 (0) 70 - 222252

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