Open Air Museum of Railway Equipment

The Open Air Museum of Railway Equipment at Rostov-on-Don opened in 2005. It is managed informally and appears to have neither website nor telephone. Access to the exhibits is unrestricted. Most of its vehicles come from the North Caucasus Railway. The collections includes seventeen steam locomotives and two steam cranes, five diesel locomotives, eight electric locomotives with some railcars and maintenance vehicles. There are five Soviet-built 2-10-0s, the first built in 1930, the last in 1951, and one built at Resita in Romania. The museum can be reached by bus from the centre of Rostov-on-Don, and is located near a white church with a golden dome. Suburban trains stop at a nearby station but the service is infrequent.

Open Air Museum of Railway Equipment
Muzey Zheleznodorozhnoy Tekhniki Skzhd
Kazachiy Lane 44A
344033 Rostov-on-Don

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