Norwegian Telecommunications Museum

The Norwegian state telecommunications service (originally called the Statstelegrafen) was established in 1855, with a Morse telegraph line from Oslo (then Christiania) to Drammen. Every aspect of its history is reflected in the museum at Oslo. There are displays relating to trans-oceanic cables, to the first wireless telegraph in Norway between Sorvagen and Rost in the Loftoten Islands commissioned in 1906, manual telephone exchanges, some of which can be worked by visitors, and examples of modern telecommunications technology using computers, the internet and mobile telephones.

The museum has several branches in other parts of Norway, including those at Stavanger, Sorvagen and Kulleseid.

Norwegian Telecommunications Museum
Norsk TeleMuseum
Kjelsåsveien 143 i Teknisk Museum
0491 Oslo
+47 (0) 2209 - 1450

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