Museum of Mining and Industry

Asturias was one of the most important coal mining regions in Spain and the museum at El Entrego, 3 km south of Langreo, provides evidence of the role of the mining industry in the 19th and 20th centuries.


The museum is located in a spectacular series of colliery structures. A steel headstock bestrides a drum-shaped brick building erected over the top of the shaft, and is flanked by matching concrete buildings housing lamp- and changing-rooms and the pithead baths. Exhibits in a machinery hall include replicas of ancient wooden winding machines, steam engines and locomotives, and a display explaining the use of explosives in mining. A lift from the machinery hall is the starting point of a 40-minute tour that takes visitors through replica coal workings under the guidance of former miners. The museum has a full range of visitor facilities and attracts some 75,000 people a year.

Museum of Mining and Industry
Musea de la Mineria y de la Industrie
El Trabanquin
33940 El Entrego
+34 (0) 985 - 663133

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