Museum of Communications

The museum of communications in Nurnberg shares the premises of the railway museum, and the two comprise the city’s Verkehrsmuseum (Museum of Traffic), although the former is managed by the Museumsstiftung Post und Telekommunikation (Museum trust for post and telecommunications), established in 1995 during the federal postal reforms that followed re-unification, which also has responsibility for museums in Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg.

The main emphasis in the Nürnberg museum is on postal communications, particularly in Bavaria, and the display of mail coaches and the equipment that went with them in the years before main line railways is unsurpassed in Europe. Visitors can work Morse telegraph equipment and a manual telephone exchange, and there many other interactive displays, together with films and dioramas.

Museum of Communications
Lessingstrasse 6
90443 Nürnberg
+49 (0) 91 - 1230880

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