Museum of Air Transport & Technology

The air museum at Wernigrode near Halberstadt was established in 1999 and now displays about 50 planes and helicopters in four hangars. Particularly interesting examples are an Antonov An-2 biplane, a rugged aircraft, capable of landing and taking off in difficult conditions which was mass-produced in the USSR from 1946, and a Dornier Do 27 utility aircraft, which seated up to six people, which was manufactured from 1955, and was the first aircraft to be mass-produced in Germany after the Second World War. There are several fighters from the Cold War period, a de Havilland Venom and a Hawker Hunter from the United Kingdom, an F-86 Starfighter from the United States and several Soviet examples. Visitors can experience a Messerschmidt Me109 simulator, and, as in most air museums, the display of aircraft is backed up by a collection of aero engines.

Museum of Air Transport & Technology
Giesserweg 1
38855 Wernigerode
+49 (0) 3943 - 633126

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