Mining Museum Landek Park

Ostrava is the third city of the Czech Republic, and in the 19th and 20th centuries was the centre of a heavy industrial region, similar to that in Silesia to the north.


The mining museum opened in 1993, but incorporating collections that date from 1905, is based in a range of red brick colliery buildings, designed by Viennese architects between 1890 and 1915. It includes headstocks, engineering shops and pithead baths.


The Michal Colliery in another part of Ostrava is preserved as a Czech National Heritage Site, and there are extensive guided trails through the city’s mining landscapes. (See also Ironworks)

Mining Museum Landek Park
Pod Landekem 64
725 29 Ostrava
Czech Republic
+420 (0) 596 - 131803

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