Maranello Rosso Collection

The principal collection of the cars made by Enzo Ferrari (1898-1988) is held in this museum in the republic of San Marino. Ferrari, known within his company as ‘il Commendatore’, had a successful career as a racing driver when he was young. He began an engineering company in the 1930s, chiefly making parts for other cars. After his factory was bombed during the Second World War he moved his factory from Modena to Maranello, and in 1947 began the regular production of the cars which have come to symbolize elegance and luxury throughout the world. The collection of 25 vehicles at San Marino is divided into four categories, road cars, those intended for competitions of various kinds, prototypes and Formula One cars. The museum also has displays relating to Enzo Ferrari’s career, and to the factory in Maranello.

The museum also includes a collection of about 40 vehicles associated with Carlo Abarth (1908-79). He was born Karl Albert Abarth in Vienna, and became a naturalized Italian. He successfully raced motor bikes in his youth and founded Abarth & Co in Bologna in 1949, moving production to Turin in 1956. The company made some successful racing cars, but became more celebrated for components, especially for exhausts, silencers and gear change linkages, and for the production of conversion kits that enhanced the performance of mass-produced Fiat cars. The company was sold to Fiat in 1971.

Maranello Rosso Collection
21 Strata des Censiti
47891 Falciano
San Marino
+387 (0) 549054 - 9970614

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