Lindenberg Hat Museum

Straw hats were being made in Lindenberg in the Allgau region of Bavaria in the seventeenth century, but large-scale production began in 1755 and the town’s hatmakers came to supply distant markets. The industry is no longer of economic significance, but its role in Lindenberg’s history is illustrated in the museum which includes paintings with people wearing hats of the kind made in the town, benches from hatmaking workshops set up with blocks, sewing machines and partially-finished products, some of the large machines used in hatmaking, and the boxes in which finished hats were sent to customers. The industry is celebrated in the town in an annual ‘huttag’ (hat day).

Lindenberg Hat Museum
Brennterwinkel 4
88161 Lindenberg im Allgäu
+49 (0) 8381 - 80328

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