La Grande Forge de Buffon

The integrated ironworks near Montbard, established in 1768-72 by the great naturalist Georges-Louis Leclerc de Buffon (1707-82), incorporated the most advanced thinking of its era. It consists of a blast furnace, a finery-and-chafery forge and a slitting mill, all powered by water. The works closed in 1866, and has been open as an historical monument since 1979. Archaeological excavations has substantially increased understanding of the operation of the works. Displays include full-size replicas of the blast furnace bellows and the water-wheel that powered them, and a scale model of the slitting mill. The forge is the starting point of a circular tour of the many ironworks in northern Burgundy.

La Grande Forge de Buffon
La Grande Forge de Buffon
Les Champs de la Forge
21500 Buffon
+33 (0) 380 - 921035

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