Industry and Railway Park Fond-de-Gras

At first sight the “vallée de la Chiers” looks peaceful, even abandoned. But then an old steam locomotive chugs into sight moving towards a small station. Fond-de-Gras is the name of this hidden-away place. It is situated in the heart of the Luxemburg ore basin. Not so long ago the area was full of industry: collieries, open-pit mines and blast furnaces. Nowadays the region bears witness to a century of industrial history in idyllic surroundings. A journey back in time begins with the descent into Pétange nearby – in a train dating back to 1900. It’s an eight kilometre journey from Fonds-de-Gras. But the journey of discovery is by no means at an end. There stands a disused steam-driven electricity power station. And not far away there’s an engine shed full of old locomotives and wagons. Workers’ dwellings, complete with an original collier’s pub and an old grocery store recount the living conditions of the miners who once worked here. A journey along the “Minieresbunn”, a narrow-gauge railway, will take you down into the underground world of galleries and gangways in a nearby colliery. When you emerge once more you can take a stroll through the old working-class village of Lasauvage – through streets which have scarcely changed over the last one hundred years or so.

Industry and Railway Park Fond-de-Gras
erreichbar über / accessible via Differdange-Niedercorn Postadresse / postal address 1, Place du Marché
L-4576 Pétange Differdange

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