Industrial Museum

The museum of industry at Lauf-an-der-Pegnitz, which lies 15 km north-east of Nurnberg, is concerned with life and work in industrial society between 1900 and 1970, but also with the earlier stages of industrialisation, involving working by hand and with the use of water-power, which has always been important in the town. The museum is located in four medieval buildings in an ancient suburb of the city, where there are four waterwheels of about 1900, and in an adjacent factory once used for the manufacture of valves. Machinery that can be demonstrated includes hammers for working iron and brass, operated by water-power and by compressed air, a wire mill, and a water corn mill that can be used for grinding wheat, rye and semolina. The ways of life of local workers are illustrated in two complete house interiors from the early 20th century.

Industrial Museum
Sichartstrasse 5-25
91207 Lauf-an-der-Pegnitz
+49 (0) 9123 - 99030

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