Industrial Museum

All the rest have long since been sent for scrap. One furnace after another disappeared and in the huge hall demolition proceeded apace. But then a group of determined workers got together to save what was left to be saved. And this is how the last Siemens-Martin furnace in western Europe has survived as the centrepiece of the Brandenburg Industrial Museum on the river Havel. So, on with your overalls, on with your helmet and away we go! To the casting platform with a first view of the tapping side of the furnace. Then on to the mighty crane in the foundry. From there the path leads to the furnace platform with its small locomotive, charging crane and control room – all of which are accessible by foot. Even the furnace itself is open to visitors. The operating temperature used to be 1800 degrees. The locksmith’s workshop and laboratory show how much experience and technical know-how were needed to melt steel. Further stations on the tour include the foremen’s room, the area below the furnace, the old smithy and of course the new museum building with its exhibition on the history of steelmaking in Brandenburg. And who better to show visitors around than the mill workers who once laboured here? They are helped by a film and a large number of models.

Industrial Museum
August-Sonntag-Straße 5
14770 Brandenburg an der Havel
+0049 (0) 3381 - 304646

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