Graphite Museum in the Graphit Kropfmühl Visitor Mine

The only visitor mine in Germany that gives access to workings for graphite is at Hauzenberg 15 km north-east of Passau in Bavaria. It is sponsored by the Graphit Kropfmühl graphite refining company that was established in 1916. Visitors can explore underground workings under the guidance of former miners and inspect the tools and other equipment once used in the extraction of graphite. The history of graphite mining and processing is illustrated by archive films. The refining of graphite to produce ‘lead’ for pencils is explained, together with the importance of the material in the building of electric vehicles. Visitors can also follow a geological trail.

Graphite Museum in the Graphit Kropfmühl Visitor Mine
Graphitmuseum im Graphit Kropfmühl Besucherbergwerk
Langheinrichstrasse 1
94051 Hauzenberg
+49 (0) 8586 - 609147

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