Ecomuseum [of the River] Freidano

Settima Torinese is a suburb of Turin on the north-east side of the city. The Ecomuseo de Freidano is a project that studies all aspects of the River Freidano, a tributary of the River Po, and interprets its findings to the public at large. The project was first proposed and was implemented from 1997. The headquarters of the ecomuseum is the Mulino Nuova (New Mill) of 1806, a building that in the course of its history saw many changes, including the installation of roller milling technology and the adaptation of its water-power system to generate electricity. The ecomuseum has four principal research projects: the study of the large mills built in Piedmont in the nineteenth century, a detailed research project drawing on living memory of the Paramatti paint factory, built in 1913 and demolished in in 2005, an energy park project displaying waterwheels, turbines and other means of generating power, and a study of factory chimneys as symbols of industrialisation. All the studies are widely-based, and take in ecological as well as historical factors.

Ecomuseum [of the River] Freidano
Ecomuseo del Freidano
Via Ariosto 36-bis
10036 Settima Torinese
+39 (0) 300 - 118028505

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