EC1 Łódź - City of Culture

EC1 Łódź is a power station of which construction commenced in May 1906. The generation of power began on 18 September 1907. The plant was extended in 1928-30. From 1953 it was adapted to produce process steam for various factories in Łódź, and operations ceased completely in 2001.

The power station has been renovated, some striking new buildings have been added and the wlole complex is now a cultural centre. The Art Nouveau machine hall is used for exhibitions and concerts, while other buildings accommodate the National Centre for Film Culture, a Planetarium and a Centre for Science and Technology.

EC1 Łódź - City of Culture
EC1 Łódź - Miasto Kultury
1/3 Targowa Street
90-022 Lódź
+48 (0) 4 - 2600610

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