Danish Media Museum

The Media Museum brings together collections of former museums of the press and of graphics to provide a stimulating examination of the ways in which media have influenced people’s lives over the past 300 years. The museum has two strands. One is the presentation of artefacts, images and texts, backed by research collections which include numerous files of newspapers and magazines, films, still photographs and tapes of television programmes. There are collections of work by several celebrated Danish illustrators, as well as printing machines, some dating from the early nineteenth century, film projectors, television sets and computers used for designing newspapers. A collection inherited from the graphics museum includes tools and materials used in bookbinding. Displays show how freedom of speech has developed in Denmark since the abolition of state censorship in 1849.  The other strand is the provision of interactive means to understand and appreciate modern media. It is focussed on the Media Mixer which enables visitors to give their own commentaries on events, to be interviewed by journalists, or to view clips from films and television shows from the 1920s to the present.

Danish Media Museum
Danmarks Mediemuseum
Brands Torve 1
5000 Odense
+45 (0) 6551 - 4601

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