The bullring at Ronda, 65 km west of Malaga, is one of the oldest in Spain, and occupies a significant place in Spanish culture. It was particularly associated with the Romero family. Francesco Romero, who died in 1763, invented the killing sword used by bullfighters. His grandson Pedro Romero (1754-1839) was even more celebrated. He developed the classical style of bullfighting, and commissioned portraits of his children by Francisco Goya. The bullring is a limestone structure in the neo-classical style, incorporating 136 Tuscan columns, with a ring 66 m in diameter. It was begun in 1754 but the first bullfight was not held there until 1782. The complex incorporates a museum, and is the scene of an annual Corrida Goyesca in which participants wear eighteenth century costumes.

Plaza de Toros
29400 Ronda
+34 (0) 95287 - 4131

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