Bullring and Museum

The first bullring at Vista Alegre in Bilbao was designed by the architect Sabino Goikoetxea Etxebarria, and opened in August 1882. Some 1817 ‘festejos’ took place there until it was destroyed by fire in 1961. A new ring to the design of Luis de Gana was opened the following year, with 14,781 seats, compared with 12,394 in the previous stadium.


The museum which forms part of the complex was opened in 1995, and displays the role of bullfighting in the Basque country. It includes costumes and weapons from eight periods since the time the first ring was opened at Vista Alegre, together with displays on the farms where bulls are reared, and biographical material on well-known bullfighters. Visitors to the museum are also taken on tours of all parts of the ring.

Bullring and Museum
Plaza de Toris de Vista | Museo Taurino
Martin Aguero 1
48012 Bilbao
+34 (0) 444 - 8698

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