Brede Works

From the first water-driven factory to modern mass manufacture à la LEGO, the Brede Værk makes 150 years of Danish industrial history so palpably clear, that you might almost think that you had been part of it yourself. The central venue is the Brede Klædefabrik, one of the largest 19th-century cloth factories in the Denmark, and now home to an industrial museum whose multimedia effects and hands-on exhibits are a huge attraction for young and old alike. There is something going on here at every minute of the day, thanks to a so-called Active Ticket that sets exhibits in motion and even conjures up a female weaver amongst the spinning engines to act as a personal guide through a part of the factory. Children and adults can also try their hand at producing ball bearings at a conveyor belt before attempting to market them. The steam engine rewards the best teams with an aural show of stomping and gasping. There is also a lot to discover outside the museum. For Brede Værk provides an outstanding example of a complete factory settlement, including the factory buildings, workers dwellings and a director’s mansion.

Brede Works
Brede Værk
I.C. Modewegsvej
2800 Kongens Lyngby
+45 (0) 3347 - 3800

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