Bramah Museum of Tea and Coffee

The Bramah museum is located close to the Pool of London, and to wharves which were once the centre of the trade in tea and coffee between the United Kingdom and China, India, Sri Lanka and Africa. It was founded by Edward Bramah who spent 50 years in the tea and coffee trades, and formed his own company in 1966. Displays depict the rise of the import trades, of the firms that processed tea and coffee in London and of the variety of artefacts that were used for processing and consuming tea and coffee in the home. The collection of coffee-making machines is the most comprehensive in Europe, and the rise in the 1950s of the coffee bar culture, imported into Britain from Italy, is fully illustrated. Samples of tea and coffee can be tasted, and the museum organises a regular programme of seminars.

Bramah Museum of Tea and Coffee
40 Southwark Street
SE1 1UN London
United Kingdom
+´44 (0) 207 - 4035650

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