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Follow the Tracks of the World’s First Automobile Journey in 1888

In 1886, Dr Carl Benz invented the automobile, the Benz Patent Motorwagen, in Mannheim/Germany (Reich Patent No. 37435) - but nobody wanted to buy it.

But when Bertha Benz, his wife, went on the first long-distance trip in 1888 - without his knowledge - from Mannheim (near Heidelberg) to Pforzheim (Black Forest) and back to prove that the horseless coach was absolutely suitable for daily use, it became a huge success with almost a billion drivers worldwide today!

This pioneer’s action and probably most important marketing activity of all times was in danger of being forgotten.

So we want to prevent this with your help! For this reason, we are inviting you to join us on an exciting discovery trip into the past, and at the same time to visit Baden, one of the most attractive scenic regions in Germany, the land of wine and enjoyment smiled upon by the sun.

Modern life on earth would be hard to imagine without Bertha Benz, who brought mobility to the world.

So we decided to honor Bertha Benz dynamically by setting up road signs along the route she took in 1888 and earmarking it as a modern scenic route. Now everyone can follow the 194 kilometers of this monument of industrial culture and let themselves be taken back to those hot days in August of the year 1888.

In Wiesloch, some kilometers south of Heidelberg, the three courageous automobilists ran out of fuel. As a result, they bought Ligroin in the Wiesloch Pharmacy, a detergent used as a fuel at that time. Thus, the pharmacy in Wiesloch became the world’s first filling station - and you can visit it, because it still exists today.

However, two bad troubles happened in the middle of the road, so that "on-board" tools had to be used for the repair. These two pretty dramatic situations were described later rather coolly by Bertha Benz, „The first time, the fuel line was clogged – my hairpin turned out to be helpful there. The second time the ignition was broken. I used my garter to fix it."

Follow the authentic route taken by courageous Bertha Benz – here today’s modern mobility was born.

Bertha Benz Memorial Route >>> Mitgliedsbeitrag nicht gezahlt
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