Severn Valley Railway

This journey into the industrial past is a good 25 km long and leads through the heart of England. The Severn Valley Railway operates almost throughout the year with a huge variety of historic steam trains. It links mediaeval Bridgnorth –in the shadow of Pisa-like leaning tower – with Kidderminster, a former carpet-making centre and now the site of a fascinating railway museum. The railway line follows the twists and turns of the Severn through an idyllic rural valley almost completely free of roads. On the way there are quaint stations which invite travellers to alight and take a stroll through the pretty little towns, or embark on a short hike. The many highlights along the way include the outstanding journey across the boldly-arched Victoria Bridge above the Severn. The 60 metre bridge was built in 1861 and could once boast of being the longest bridge in the world. Passengers also have the choice of taking a stylish meal in the restaurant car, or visiting one of the many entertaining events which are staged between February and December.

Severn Valley Railway
Comberton Hill
DY10 1QX Kidderminster
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1299 - 403816