Serbian Railway Museum

The Museum was founded in 1950. It is owned by Serbian Railways. The main museum in the centre of Belgrade occupies a large neoclassical building completed in 1931 for the Yugoslavian Ministry of Transport. A narrow-gauge railway collection near the station in Požega, about 150 kilometres south of Belgrade, opened in 1990. This shows a group of locomotives and other rolling stock such as passenger cars and a snow plough with open public access. The gauges are 610 mm and 760 mm. The displays in the central museum in Belgrade are of traditional form with many artefacts and models – a bust of George Stephenson, an extensive collection of models of locomotives and waggons, dioramas, samples of different forms of rails, and artefacts such as signal lamps, flags, posters and photographs. It has 40,000 objects in total.

Serbian Railway Museum
Železnički muzej
6 Nemanjina Street
11000 Belgrade
+381 (0) 11 - 3610334