Science Museum

Large objects from the collection of the National Museum of Science & Industry that cannot be displayed at South Kensingon are held at the former RAF base at Wroughton, Wiltshire, in six hangars and a research store built in 1993.

Aircraft held there include a Boeing 247 Electra of 1934, one of the first all-metal monoplane airliners, a Douglas DC3 (or C47) Dakota of the kind built in thousands for transporting troops during the Second World war and for establishing airline routes afterwards, and a Lockheed Constellation of 1947 which was amongst the piston-engined airliners that established transatlantic passenger routes in the post war period.

Road vehicles include a Hansom cab, various London buses, a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost of 1909, a Morris Minor of 1950 and a Trabant, made in the German Democratic Republic.

Agricultural machines include a Hornsby portable engine of 1871, and some early combine harvesters, and there is also a range of fire-fighting equipment.

The collections are open to public view from time to time.

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