Schlettau Castle

Schlettau Castle in the ore mountains has a long and diversified history. It was build as a residence for the Bohemian nobility, converted into a Cistercian abbey, later used as an electoral forestry and game office and at the years of industrialization as part of a spinning mill and even of an agricultural machinery factory.

A department of the museum not directly connected with the castle's history, but still appropriate is the passementerie workshop, where decorative textiles of no real use are produced, such as ribbons, trimmings, fringes, cords and lace. Until the end of the 20th century, the region around Annaberg-Buchholz, where Schlettau is located, was one of the centres of mechanical trimming manufacture. In Schlettau Castle, the working and living space of a family of trimming-makers from the mid-19th century is shown, along with a unique pearl ribbon loom.

Schlettau Castle
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