Schauinsland Mining Museum

Schauinsland Mining Museum is sited near the top of a mountain, at over 1,200 m above sea level, half an hour south of the city of Freiburg. Mining in the area began in the twelfth century and peaked in the sixteenth century before ending in the twentieth century. At Schauinsland itself, mining ended after eight centuries in 1954. The underground workings for silver and zinc extend for 100 km over 22 levels. The mine is today operated by the Steiber research group. Visitors tour the upper levels of the historic mine and see tunnels, caverns, railways and displays of geological samples. Guides explain the use of equipment such as power drills, diesel locomotives and trucks, excavators and conveyors.

Visitors can drive to the top of the mountain or take a bus and cable car.

Schauinsland Mining Museum
Schauinslandstraße 390
79254 Oberried
+49 (0) 761 - 26468