Scania Museum

Södertälje, south-west of Stockholm is the international headquarters of the Scania-Vabis company. Scania originated in Malmö in southern Sweden and Vabis at Södertälje. The museum is centred on the hall named after the banker and industrialist Marcus Wallenberg (b 1956). Displays include early motors made by the two companies, and other products that they no longer manufacture including railway carriage and bicycles. From the products of more recent decades there are fire engines, ambulances, refuse collection vehicles, military vehicles and trucks and motor coaches in great variety. There are sections dealing with future developments and with attempts by the company to create sustainable transport systems. Reflective historical sections deal with such subjects as the contribution of the company’s vehicles in ending winter time isolation in Sweden.

Scania Museum
Vagnmakarvägen 2
15132 Södertälje
+46 (0) 8553 - 82500