Saltaire Village World Heritage Site

David Hockney painted Salts Mill in warm ochre tones. Today both the painter and the place are world-famous. Hockney was born in the Northern industrial city of Bradford. And Salts Mill, an old textile factory, was built in Shipley just to the north of Bradford. Something unheard of occurred here in the mid 19th century. Saltaire Village, an industrial settlement which placed great value on the quality of life, was constructed in the beautiful Aire valley against the hilly background of Baildon Moor. At its centre was the huge Salts Mill. All around were workers’ dwellings, gardens, squares and an exquisite little Italian style church. The aim was to provide the greatest possible harmony between everyday life and leisure. The person who planned and financed the whole project was a rich textile manufacturer by the name of Sir Titus Salt and his model village, which is still inhabited, has survived for over a century almost unscathed as a unique industrial monument. Today Salts Mill remains the undisputed centre of business. But it now houses electronics firms, an exclusive shopping centre, art galleries and other artistic venues. The largest attraction is an exhibition of the work of David Hockney. In 2001 Saltaire Village was inscribed into the United Nations list of World Cultural Heritage sites.

Saltaire Village World Heritage Site
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