Salt-drilling Towers

The drilling towers of Zurzach (now called Bad Zurzach for its role as a spa) are impressive landmarks, marching across the fields beside the river Rhine. Salt drilling in Zurzach was tried in 1856 and rock salt was discovered in 1882. The preserved group of towers for drilling and pumping brine from underground were put up in 1912 by the chemical company Schweizerische Sodafabrik (SOLVAY). When the company discovered hot water, it was pumped to thermal baths in Zurzach. The five drilling rigs are timber towers that stand 17 metres tall. They have not been used since the 1970s. One is used as a gymnastics club and another is preserved to show the heritage of salt. Visitors see information panels and look through viewing holes if the tower is closed or they can go inside as part of a guided tour. The brine pump can be started by pushing a button.

Salt-drilling Towers
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