Salis Museum of Flying

The Musée Volant Salis 50 km south of Paris is named after the French aviator and pioneer in aircraft conservation, Jean-Baptiste Salis, who died in 1967. The collection has been developed by his son and grandson. It now contains some 70 aircraft and many of them fly regularly. The displays are in large hangers at the aerodrome. The first section deals with the pioneers of aviation and the planes of the First World War; the next is about the interwar beginnings of aerial travel for the public. Another section is devoted to the Second World War. A large part of the collection relates to aeroplanes flown in aeronautical displays by the pilots of the Morane-Saulnieras team, who set records and developed new techniques. The final section focuses on the interwar period in popular air displays. Visitors can book places to fly in a selection of vintage aircraft.

Salis Museum of Flying
Musée Volant Salis
Aérodrome de Cerny La Ferté Alais
91590 Cerny
+33 (0) 164 - 575289