Romanian Railway Museum

The Romanian Railway Museum is located next to Bucharest North station. The museum project was launched in 1934 but it was not opened until 1969. Its centrepiece is a very large diorama of a working railway layout, now computer controlled. There are also many other models of rolling stock used in Romania and sections illustrating the work of the distinguished Romanian civil engineers Anghel Saligny (1854-1925) and Elie Radu (1853-1931). The museum also owns several steam locomotives including 43 Calugareni which was built for the opening in 1869 of the first railway in Romania between Bucharest and Giurgiu. They are occasionally steamed and displayed to the public.

Romanian Railway Museum
Muzeul Cǎilor Ferate Române
Calea Grivitei 193B
010716 Bucharest
+40 (0) 316 - 203902