Rolling Stock Heritage Park

Chabówka in southern Poland is the junction where the main line from Kraków to Zakopane is joined by the line from Nowy Sacz. The latter is a route of particular charm which was saved from the threat of closure in 2013. It has never been modernised and retains most of its original buildings and signals. The museum, opened in 1993, is located in a locomotive depot built during the Second World War, and is about 600 m. from the passenger station at Chabówka. About 90 railway vehicles are displayed, steam, diesel and electric locomotives, multiple units, cranes, snow ploughs and historic coaches and wagons. The main emphasis is on steam locomotives which regularly operate trains for visitors on the lines radiating from Chabówka. The museum includes well-equipped workshops for the restoration and maintenance of locomotives, and provides comfortable residential accommodation for visitors. The railway scenes in several well-known films have been shot on lines in the vicinity using stock provided by the museum. 

Rolling Stock Heritage Park
Skansen taboru kolejowego
Nowy Turg
34-720 Chabówka
+48 (0) 18 - 5353345