Rolling Mill Museum

The ironworks at Maleniec, 30 km north-west of Kielce, is one of several state ventures of the early 19th century in Central Poland that are conserved and open to the public. The works has its origins in the 18th century, but was modernised in 1835, and about 1850 became a rolling mill producing wrought-iron sheets. Later the manufacture of nails was introduced on the site, and in the late 19th century the works produced plough-shares and spades. The original water-power system remained in use until 1959.


The works closed in 1967 and was immediately conserved as a museum. Visitors can see the reservoir, a pair of waterwheels, the rolling mill, where roll stands and the complete system of transmission dating from c 1850 are preserved, together with a re-heating furnace and a shearing machine for cutting wrought-iron sheets. The spade mill is also preserved, together with several machines for making nails.

Rolling Mill Museum
Zabytkowy Zaklad Hutniczy w Maleñcu
Maleniec 54
26-242 Ruda Maleniecka
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