Rodenbach Brewery

The Rodenbach brewery south of Roeselare is one of the best-known in Belgium and provides an enlightening introduction to that country’s notable brewing heritage. The tour includes the malthouse and a vast hall in which there are 300 oak casks for maturing beer, which is sometimes used for banquets. Interactive displays illustrate four different methods of fermenting beer. Other displays portray the history of the Rodenbach family. Adjacent to the brewery is Diepensteyn Castle and the adjacent stud farm where it is possible to see more than 20 of the distinctive Brabant draught horses that were once responsible for the delivery of much of the brewery’s production.

Rodenbach Brewery
Brouwerij Rodenbach
Spanjestraat 131-41
88-00 Roeselare
+32 (0) 5127 - 2810