Riesa Pasta Museum

Riesa in Saxony, 40 km. north-west of Dresden, is famous for making steel and matches, but still more for pasta. Pasta Riesa GmbH traces its origins from 1914, although it has experienced several changes in ownership. The Nudelcenter is a modern building, near its principal factory, set up in 2003 to allay public fears about the ways in which food is manufactured. Its principal facility is a 90-minute tour entitled Gläsernen Produktion (Transparent Production) during which visitors are able to see the whole process of pasta production, the reception of  raw materials, automated mixing and shaping processes, control technology and packaging techniques. The centre also includes a museum detailing the company’s history over more than a century. There is also a studio in which cooking techniques are taught, a restaurant where visitors can enjoy traditional pasta dishes, and a shop where all the varied productions of Pasta Riesa GmbH can be purchased.

Riesa Pasta Museum
Marzdorfer Strasse 21
01591 Riesa
+49 (0) 3525 - 720355