Retro Museum

The Retro Museum is a collection of beautifully maintained consumer objects from the era of state socialism in Bulgaria, from 1944 to 1989. It is located in a big gallery in a shopping mall in the middle of Varna. On display are cars and motorbikes by Eastern bloc manufacturers such as Trabant, Moskvitch, Wartburg, Simson and Balkan, together with a Chaika limousine used by senior figures in the Politburo. There are also toys, home appliances like radios, telephones and vacuum cleaners and smaller things in distinctive communist brands such as cigarettes, cosmetics and magazines. Some wax figures bring it to life, including Soviet President Leonid Brezhnev and Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

Retro Museum
Ретро Музей
Grand Mall Varna
9009 Varna
+359 (0) 88 - 6001070