Refsdal Power Plant 1913

Refsdal power plant was build in 1913 in the typical style of early power plant of its time in rural districs of Norway. The plant presents a complete display of a hydroelectric power station with intake dam, pipe line, production building and outlet canals which all have undergone an extensive restoration program. Close to the plant, there are modern power plants.

The plant is situated 9 km out of the city center of Vik. Vik lies at the banks of the Sognefjord, the longest and deepest of the Norwegian fjords. 

Refsdal power plant is promoted together with other cultural heritage sites of Vik like two mediaval churches from the 11th century, a bronce statue of the Viking King Fridtjov and a dairy which is the only producer of the traditional Norwegian cheese called "Gamalost".

Refsdal Power Plant 1913
Refsdal Kraftstasjon
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