Redecz Krukowy Museum

The Redecz Krukowy Museums are three museums on the same site, established since 2009 with the support of the agricultural machinery maker Janusz Borkowski. They aim to protect the cultural heritage of the Kuyavi region of north-central Poland. The Arms, Science and Technology museum is rich in vehicles with numerous cars, motorcycles and bicycles, including the Fiat-Simca car produced before 1939 and Niemen mopeds. It also cares for a collection of machine tools such as lathes from 1898 and 1905 by Gerlach in Warsaw and equipment from craft workshops. Post-war consumer electronics include Pionier radios from Romania and an early Neptun television made in Gdansk. The railway museum preserves steam and diesel locomotives, tram cars and rolling stock for passengers and freight. A small station building shows a collection of equipment and ephemera. The Agricultural Technology museum has farm vehicles and machinery and a Wilga light aircraft designed by Państwowe Zakłady Lotnicze in Warsaw in the 1960s.

Redecz Krukowy Museum
Muzeum Redecz Krukowy
Redecz Krukowy 8a
87880 Brześć Kujawski
+48 (0) 506 - 210531