Prague Public Transport Museum

Prague’s museum of public transport occupies the Střešovice depot, constructed in 1909 to accommodate electric tramcars which had been operating in the city since 1896. The depot remained in use until 1992 and was designated an historical landmark in 1991. The museum, sponsored by the city transport authority, was opened in 1993. The collection consists of more than 40 tramcars and motor buses, ranging from a horse-drawn tram of 1886 to recent products of the Tatra company. There are also displays of models, photographs, documents, tickets and plans, and an extensive archive. The depot is still linked to the tracks of the city’s operating network, and in the summer months visitors can travel there on a ‘nostalgic tram’ on route 91 from the city centre. It is also possible for groups to charter historic trams on journeys from the museum to other sections of the city’s network.

Prague Public Transport Museum
Muzeum MHD
Patočkova 460/4
16200 Prague
Czech Republic
+420 (0) 296 - 128900