Polish Vodka Museum

The Polish Vodka Museum is in brick buildings dating from around 1900 of the Koneser vodka distillery in Warsaw, where the brands Luksusowa and Wyborowa were formerly made. The distillery dominated the whole city block between Ząbkowska, Nieporecka, Białostocka and Markowska streets, with Gothic entrance buildings and gates. The rest of the area has been redeveloped to house multiple businesses. The museum is part of the arts and events venue Centrum Praskie Koneser. It was formerly the rectification plant where the vodka was blended and infused in columns. The museum is stylishly designed to show the former equipment alongside sophisticated graphics and animations and with displays of vodka bottles and labels through the ages. It presents the history and tradition of making Polish vodka from grain or potatoes and the evolution of production technology. The museum is sponsored by the Polish Vodka Association. The tour ends with an opportunity to taste Polish vodkas.

Polish Vodka Museum
Muzeum Polskiej Vódki
Plac Konesera 1
03736 Warsaw
+48 (0) 22 - 4193150