Polevskoy Seversk Blast Furnace Museum

The Seversk Blast Furnace at Polovskoy in the Urals was built in 1860, rebuilt in 1896, and worked until 1934. The site became a museum in the 1980s and is one of the best-preserved ironworks in Europe. Every significant structure of a typical nineteenth century ironworking complex remains, including the furnace stack, systems for delivering ore, coke and limestone, Cowper stoves, blowing machines and the casting hall. There are extensive displays of items produced in the area in the nineteenth century. The TMK group tube mills still work in Polovskoy.

Polevskoy Seversk Blast Furnace Museum
музейного комплекса «Северская домна»
7 Ulitsa Vershinina
623380 Polevskoy
Svrdlovskoya Oblast
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