Philip de Girard Linen Museum in Żyrardów

The town of Zyrardów was created for a new linen factory that opened in 1833. It takes its name from the French engineer Philip de Girard who was technical director of the factory. The operation was funded by a joint-stock company led by the Łubieński brothers with government aid. The new settlement brought skilled staff from many countries.  At the end of the nineteenth century Żyrardów Linen Works was the most productive factory in Europe for flax textiles. At its peak it employed up to 9,000 people making linen and cotton. After the Second World War production expanded to several plants. The museum presents the history of the linen industry in part of the factory’s printing house. Working historical equipment and displays represent the process of making linen from raw flax to finished textiles and even clothing. Most of the machinery dates from the late twentieth century, with some earlier examples. Panels and multimedia devices show the history of the town and factory.

Philip de Girard Linen Museum in Żyrardów
Muzeum Lniarstwa im. Filipa de Girarda w Żyrardowie
Ulica Dittricha 18
96-300 Żyrardów
+48 (0) 793 - 134703